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Boost Sales

"How can I increase my sales?" This is perhaps one of the most common question entrepreneurs and business owners ask. You need to ask yourself what sales metrics you know in your store. For example, do you know your average revenue per sale?

The most entrepreneurs and business owners are unable to answer to this simple questions. As a result, they can't increase their sales, because knowing your metrics is critical to sales growth. Once you know your metrics, you can methodically improve them.


What statiny bot does?

Give stats, notifies, advises

Quick and easy access to sales data, notifications and alerts in Facebook Messenger or Telegram apps:

  • Compare sales
  • Average order size (average market basket)
  • New customer orders vs returning customer sales
  • Popular products sold per defined period
  • Cancelled orders
  • Smart suggestions

Statistics data analyze on mobile phone or smartphone messenger
Analytics daily reports on smartphone messenger telegram app

Schedule Reports

Ask the bot to view or schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports right on your smartphone, and major key performance indicators (KPI) will come to you in readable and comfortable way. Turn it on or off in chatbot settings on Messenger or Telegram app chat.

Detailed Orders Notifications

Notification message contains the order number, total sum spent by new or returned customer, products bought and more.

Wherever you are you get notifications right on your mobile phone instantly when any customer places a new order on your online store, so you can react quickly.

Mobile phone ecommerce orders notifications

Pricing and Plans

Risk free, 30 days trial period, 30-day money back guarantee, no hidden fees

  • Orders notifications without detailed information

monthly per user connected to one store

Billed monthly or $60 per year
via links in Statiny chatbot

  • Up to 900 orders/months
  • Sales reports
  • Smart statistics data
  • Multistore connection
  • Orders notifications

monthly per user connected to one store

Billed monthly or $249 per year
via links in Statiny bot chat

  • Up to 3000 orders/months
  • Sales reports
  • Smart statistics data
  • Multistore connection
  • Orders notifications

Contact us if your online store operating more than 100 orders per day.

30-day Free trial

Try full featured chatbot absolutely free for the first month. No risk. No hidden fees. Use free or paid version after the Trial period.

Choose your ecommerce platform:

Shopify sales metrics analytics messenger chatbot module

One-click installation from Shopify Marketplace

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CS-Cart analytics Telegram bot module

CS-Cart 4.2.x and above compatible

Download Addon
Prestashop sales analytics and order notification Messenger bot

 4 months  subscription included from Prestashop Market Install App

Install App
CS-Cart analytics Telegram bot module

One-click installation from Ecwid App Market

Install App


Do not see your shopping cart in the list? Contact us for custom integration to your store.

The addons are intended to connect the Statiny Telegram or Messenger bot to your online store. In depend of shopping cart software you are using for your store you need to install appropriate addon. Installation takes 5-10 mins, all the instructions are included inside the addon package. You can download module here or you will be given with email with downloading links during the first steps chatting with bot.

100+ online shops connected
5000+ notifications daily
A LOT saved money & time

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Featured customer

Great addon. Just what I waited for. Now me and my partner can see each new order on our messengers on mobile phone, so we can react quickly. Moreover, I can check some period of time ago and compare the sales, popular products that were sold. So easy and simple.

Ready To Earn More?

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Features you get:

  • Simple sales reports in Messenger or Telegram
  • Smart analytical information
  • New orders notifications
  • Alerts and samrt suggestions
  • Multiuser access to store metrics
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Q: What is the difference between free and paid plan?

Free plan contains only general order notifications without detailed information of the orders you received in your store, it does not have any sales key metrics information such as reports, orders total, popular products, returned or new customer and so on.

Q: After trial is ended, will my money will be deducted from my account automatically?

No, you will decide on your own if you want to get paid subscription or will use free plan.

Q: Where I can get paid subscription to have full functionality in chatbot if I am in free plan?

You can pay at any time in "Admin area -> Apps -> Track Store Sales Bot - > Billing Information" section.

Q: Can I cancel any paid subscription?

Yes, you can I cancel any paid subscription at any time.